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Could you be missing out on sales and new customers this Easter?

Research completed by Premier Foods Foodservice revealed that 39% of consumers like to see traditional dishes on a menu whilst 29% are seeking new and modern choices. You need to make sure you are meeting the demands of diners by adding as much variety as possible to your menus. This month we’ve been exploring what caterers should be considering when planning seasonal menus this Easter.

77% of caterers believe Easter is a good opportunity to attract new customers. Are food businesses doing enough to make the most of this business opportunity to drive uptake and sales? The Premier Foods research also highlighted that a whopping 42% of caterers are failing to unlock potential seasonal sales by not offering set menus. Whilst 52% of caterers believe that promoting set menus helps drive customer numbers and spend.

Consumers confirmed the importance of considering special menus for seasonal events, with 45% agreeing it was something they looked for from foodservice outlets.

There is a huge opportunity being missed by not encouraging more customers to embrace eating out at Easter. Your special menus must work harder and deliver a more appealing offering to beat the competition.

What’s on the menu?

Did you know that fish is the second most popular dish, behind roast dinner, to be served at Easter? With four in ten caterers admitting seeing uplifts in sales of more than a third during this season, it’s key that your menu is matching the demands of your customers. When you change a menu for a certain period it also gives you something new to talk about in your marketing activity.

The team at Premier Foods has created a free guide, packed full of recipe ideas as well as more fascinating statistics and plenty of advice that is perfect for springtime. You can request a copy of this here.


How can you drive sales?

Once you have created the perfect menu, you want to make sure that people hear about it and go on to enjoy the delicious food your chefs have created. The team at Premier Foods has revealed its ten top tips to help you make the most of your Easter food sales.

  1. Provide special menus throughout the four-day Easter period.
  2. Make sure you offer promotions aimed at children as Easter is synonymous with family outings and celebrations.
  3. Promotions that cater for children will act as a means of drawing in customers by encouraging parents to organise a family get together out-of-home.
  4. Although traditional choices, such as a roast dinner, are still the preference for many people, the Premier Foods research revealed that it is equally important to attract younger and more frequent out-of-home diners who are looking for something new and modern.
  5. With 79% of consumers actively using Facebook, advertising your offering early using social media is a great way to promote it and increase footfall.
  6. Traditional methods such as menu boards and table talkers also work well for attracting attention to particular seasonal offers or promotions.
  7. Encourage consumers to increase their spend by creating set meal deals such as offering two courses for a fixed price. This will prompt diners to sample what is on offer and potentially increase the probability of them ordering dessert.
  8. Vary your menu offering each day throughout the promotion period or introduce a loyalty scheme to encourage uptake.
  9. Introduce more premium dishes that will improve gross profit, such as more expensive cuts of meat.
  10. Encourage families and friends to dine out by offering dishes that can be shared. Starters like antipasti and garlic bread or desserts such as a Pavlova or Tarte Tatin are great dishes that can easily be shared at a large table or between two.

Build up trust around your brand

When writing up your menus make sure you include well-known brands within your descriptions. More than a third of caterers find that including well-known brands on menus help drives sales and builds customer trust. An example of this came out in the Premier Foods research, where 53% of consumers were positive about the Bisto brand being included on menus.