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Premier Foods extends its award-winning Dysphagia Solutions Programme

We are proud to introduce the second phase of our Dysphagia Solutions Programme, a guide to creating nutritious, safe and appetising meals, which helps to ensure dignity in dining with dysphagia.

Launched at an exclusive industry event, the guide includes a series of creative and inspirational recipe ideas, alongside practical tips and training. Attending the event were key industry representatives including; the National Association of Care Catering and the British Dietetic Association.

Recipes follow the new International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), which standardises the framework for texture modified foods. Alongside the new guide, we will be working with industry bodies to offer training and workshops to support chefs and caterers, as they transition towards using the new IDDSI framework within their kitchens.

This phase follows the successful launch in 2012 of our Healthcare Solutions Programme, designed to improve the standard of catering for dysphagia sufferers in the healthcare sector. The programme initially focused on diets required for dysphagia, but momentum gathered and solutions were also developed for dementia and diabetes sufferers. The programme has included a mix of practical training along with the Dysphagia Chef of the Year competition – a first for the industry. Whilst progress has been made in demystifying these often misunderstood conditions, the hard work doesn’t stop there. We continue to work collaboratively with the industry to understand the needs of businesses and the real-time challenges they face throughout all stages of the supply chain.

Mark Taylor, our Channel Controller at Premier Foods, comments: “Following the launch of the IDDSI in the UK, we wanted to help demystify the new framework and help caterers and chefs begin creating and using recipes suitable for their dysphagia patients and residents. Our programme will build on the previous success of our Healthcare Solutions programme launched in 2012 and will include a mix of practical training, workshops, on-going advice and support to the industry.”