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Angel Delight ignites excitement with new ready to eat pots

To help operators capitalise on the growing food to go trend, we are launching our iconic Angel Delight in new ready-to-eat pots. This format offers a convenient solution whilst still providing the delicious taste and bubbly texture that fans associate with Angel Delight.

Made with fresh milk, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, the desserts are the first ready-to-eat, aerated, ambient desserts in the market. Available in the brand’s classic flavours – Super Strawberry, Bubbly Butterscotch, Banana Bubbles and Chocolate Cloud – the new pots are ambient, providing the added advantage that caterers are able to store them without having to worry about chilled space in their kitchen.

Sarah Robb, Channel Marketing Manager at Premier Foods, comments: “As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Angel Delight this year, we know the brand has a special place in people’s hearts and childhood memories. We are really excited to bring our new, convenient ready-to-eat pots to caterers looking to extend their food on the go offering. They are a quick, easy and portable solution – perfect as a snack for the travel and leisure industries, for busy students looking for a treat in between lectures, as well as workplace catering outlets that want to take advantage of the ‘afternoon treat’ occasion.”